The First Draft

I have finished the first draft of my first novel, Dark House.

Word count: 66,873

Time to complete: A year and some change – I did not write consistently.

I’m proud, but it’s definitely not time to pop open the bubbly yet. I have some serious editing to do. For example, my main character had a trait that I decided I didn’t want her to have about half of the way through the first draft, so I have to go back and almost completely rewrite the first several chapters. There were days where I completely ignored punctuation, those sections will be a joy to edit. I changed the spelling of a character’s name between chapters and wasn’t consistent with it at any point.

Since my novel is on the short side, I’m hoping the editing phase will leave me with a longer book. Knowing me and the way I write, it’ll be even shorter by the second draft. :/

My deadline for finishing my first draft was May 26th. Look at me, ahead of schedule! I just got in the mood and wrote for three hours straight yesterday afternoon, and all the sudden it was done!

Writing the first draft of Dark House has been a highlight in my life over this past year.

I’m one step closer to sharing this story!