2 Signs You Need to Revise Your Book’s Plot

  1. Writing your book becomes boring, and you start avoiding it regularly. I know I’m writing something good when an hour flies by and I have to tear myself away from writing to do other things.
  2. You find yourself writing scenes you don’t really want to in order to make a plot point make sense.

I was having both of these issues a couple of months ago. I basically stopped writing for a short time, but the story was nagging at me; I needed to finish it. Eventually, I decided to drop a prominent trait of my main character, and compressed the story into one book instead of two or three.

I thought my feet dragging towards the halfway point of my book was just a natural phase in the process of writing a novel. Maybe it is, but I’ve regained the passion for writing by cutting out the dead weight in my story.

I may seem obvious, but the part of the story you’ve already written isn’t set in stone. If I didn’t make some major changes I don’t know if I could find the energy to finish my book. I have to go back and rewrite the beginning of my book because of the changes I made, but now, I’m sure I can actually finish the book this year.