Weekly Favorites 8/10/18

This has been my first full week back blogging Monday, Wednesday, Friday, in a month. It’s been a rough month, and as the week crept closer to Friday, I wondered if I’d have any favorites at all.

Recently, after patiently listening as I detailed my problems, a friend asked me, “What has been making you happy lately?”

Of course, I responded, “Uhhh, [insert video game title here]”

Video games don’t actually make me happy, they just take my mind off of what is making me unhappy for a few hours. No shade to video games though, I’m a hardcore fan.

My friend’s question prompted me to consider what really makes me happy. That’s an easy one: creating stuff. I will always have “weekly favorites” as long as I keep setting time aside for being creative.

Without further ado, here’s what I liked this week.

  1. Seth Godin. Very smart guy, great advice, especially if you are feeling down on yourself. I’ve been listening to his podcast, Akimbo.
  2. My allergic reaction. I started getting weird bumps in the corner of my right eye, and my eye muscles felt tight. I was really worried it was something serious, but I went to the optometrist, and it’s just some kind of allergic reaction. So yes, I’m grateful for allergies this week.
  3. Drum roll please, I’m about to list another video game in my weekly favorites. And the winner is…Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! HUGE game, it will take me a very long time to even get close to finishing it. Great if you’re into fantasy stories, wonderfully difficult to master.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!