Weekly Favorites 6/29/18

I’m on the 9th chapter of my novel. This chapter has been a struggle, for a couple of reasons. One, I’ve been doubting my writing skills all week, which has made it harder to write. Two, I’m quickly approaching the mid-point of my book, which will be at approximately 40,000 words; that’s intimidating to me. When I finish the first draft, I have A LOT of work to do.

On a positive note, here’s what I liked this week;

  1. Most Common Writing Mistakes series on the Helping Writers Become Authors website. This blog series has been so helpful to me this week, and I know I’ll go back and reference it in the future. K.M. Weiland does a great job of explaining common writing mistakes and how to avoid them, with examples!
  2. Slime Rancher. Another video game. Gameplay consists of exactly what the title says, you keep slimes on a ranch. So relaxing, so fun.
  3. Harry Potter. Still reading Harry Potter, still loving it.
  4. Paper. Any other writers out there with an odd fascination with paper? As a kid I wanted to have a job that required a lot of filing so I could touch paper all day. Yeah…I just admitted that. But keeping documents on computers became a major thing and ruined my plans. Anyway, I bought some notebooks with neon paper on Wednesday and they make me happy. Don’t know if I will actually write in them, but that’s another issue.