Finding Time to Write

It’s 4:30 a.m. I should have written this post when I had time on Monday.  Last night I thought, “Screw it, no one is going to notice I didn’t post on Wednesday.” Then I started feeling guilty and thought, “Well, if I wake up before 5:30 I’ll put something out.” So, here I am.

Last Wednesday I wrote about working (and deciding not to work) when you’re not feeling so hot.  I have similar ideas about finding time to write. Sometimes, you genuinely don’t have time, but if we’re honest with ourselves, that’s rare; most of us waste a lot of time.  I ditched having a specific time that I write, because if I missed that time block because of work or something, the lazy part of my brain would tell me, “I didn’t write when I was supposed to, so may as well not do it.” Although, I usually go ahead and do it, because I love writing.

What I mean by “I love writing”, is not writing is more painful than writing.

All the time management advice in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t love what you’re doing. There’s a limited amount of tasks we can willpower our way through. Most nonessential tasks that don’t have passion behind them get abandoned.

If writing is important to you, you will find time to write. There’s no trick to it. You might also have a lazy brain that tries to talk you out of everything besides eating and watching YouTube videos, but you will still find the time.

Thanks for reading,

Kira J. Cole