Building an Audience for a Book that isn’t Written

Novel Word Count: 13,164

There’s a scenario I can’t stop playing out in my mind.

I pour everything into finishing this book – and release it into nothingness. No or next to no sales; no one cares.

I don’t know how to market a book that isn’t written yet. Sure, I can get active on social media, but what will my posts be about? I go to work, I go home, and I write; what does an aspiring first-time author hook people with on social media?

According to what I’m reading, there’s a few things I can do:

  1. Start an email list. The thought of this one isn’t thrilling to me, but I know it’s necessary. I spent the last few years thinking email lists were super lame. However, there are people who do them in a very personal, fun way, like Niklas Goeke or Austin Kleon.
  2. Facebook ads. This would be done pretty late in the process, when I’m ready for pre-orders at the soonest. I hate Facebook, for so many reasons. I only use it to see what people I used to be close to are doing and feel bad about myself.
  3. Instagram ads. Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I’ve seen some authors do Instagram in creative ways, but its much easier to do if you already have a book out, so I’m going to have to think about this one.
  4. Keep posting on this blog. To my surprise I’ve been loving writing for this blog. With the many other blogs I’ve started on other topics, It was huge chore to come up with content even once a week. I have four drafts queued up for this blog as I write this. So, at least for a few weeks, I’m going to post Monday, Wednesday, and possibly Friday. The more frequently I post the better, as long as I still have something to talk about.

This isn’t even half of the things I can do, just a few I’ve been considering this morning. This is the most difficult part of starting something new. The stage where you’re just working on something, having no idea what’s to become of it.